Month: July 2018

Month: July 2018

Eating the right foods is essential if you want to keep your teeth and gums in great shape. However, with so many sweet snacks available in the marketplace today, picking foods that are delicious and satisfying, yet healthy can be a tricky task. Keep in mind that eating healthy snacks that also have nutritional value is equally important. Consider eating these three snacks that are dentist-approved.

Raw Red Fuji Apples in a Basket

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Apples naturally contain fiber and a lot of water, which are both good for you. Eating apples also helps to wash away leftover food bits and bacteria because your mouth naturally produces saliva during the process. At the end of your meal, apples work to cleanse your mouth, teeth, and gums until the next time you brush your teeth. Dried apples, even though they don’t contain water, are also a good option. Ultimately, this sweet and crunchy food is healthy as well as good for your teeth.


Similar to apples, cheese also stimulates saliva production which is good for washing away food particles and bacteria. Cheese is also an excellent source of calcium and protein that you need for healthy bones which includes strong teeth. Cheese goes well with other healthy snacks like celery and apples. Consider using cream cheese as a topping for other healthy foods.

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Although celery is known to be a bit tedious to eat with its stringy fibers, it is a healthy snack and good for your teeth. Its stringy fibers naturally help scrape away food and germs from your teeth as you bite and chew. Celery is also packed with vitamins and antioxidants that contribute to healthy gums. To make celery more attractive for kids or anyone who doesn’t care for it, consider placing a small amount of peanut butter on top.

Not all foods are good for your teeth. According to WebMD, carbohydrates like candies, cookies and sweetened beverages can be the main culprit of tooth decay if food particles remain on the teeth. Snacks to avoid include sugary drinks like soda and juice, hard candies, raisins and other chewy foods high in sugar. The juices you drink should be organic, pure, and nutrient-rich. Foods high in calcium like milk, yogurt, and broccoli naturally help to build strong teeth. Gum can be harmless on your teeth if you choose the sugar-free type. But it is essential to eat healthy foods to have healthy teeth and gums.

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