Month: May 2018

Month: May 2018

Flexibility is an essential element of fitness. You need good flexibility to stay limber for  everyday activities and motions. Good flexibility allows your joints move and work more efficiently. Most people rarely pay attention to post-workout recovery, but it’s vital to be attentive to your post-workout habits to see excellent results, as well as keep your body’s health in check. It sounds easier to just put on clothes after a successful workout and get along with your regular schedule, but that may increase your chance of injury and also prevent your body from building muscles correctly.

The most vital time to put our healthy habits into practice is usually after workout session. This is when our bodies are shattered and require recovery. Work out sessions stresses the body and it needs adequate recovery time to repair and get all things working correctly. Once you continuously adapt the excellent work-out habits, you will feel relaxed and better overall. Below are some post-workout recovery habits you should accommodate into your own routine for better health, flexibility, and recovery.

1. Cooling Down

We have busy schedules and tend to move from one activity to the other without thinking much. Be sure to save time at the end of a workout session for a cool down. Even walking on a treadmill just for a few minutes can help bring down your heartbeat and help your body adjust. Though studies show that cooling down does not reduce soreness of the muscles, it helps to prevent blood from building up in the veins.

2. Drink Water

During a workout, we lose a lot of water from our body through sweating. When dehydrated, our bodies tend to have a hard time functioning properly, meaning that we can’t recover properly. Drinking enough clean water helps to replenish what you lose during exercise. It can also help ease soreness in muscles and keep them hydrated while stretching.

3. Benefits of Self-Massage

There is nothing more relaxing than a massage after a long sweaty work-out. Body massage is a well-known relaxing therapy, but can also be use to help blood flow, increase muscle flexibility, and decrease soreness the next day. Below are some benefits of massage as a post workout habit:

  • Calms your nerves
  • Increases alertness and stamina
  • Better sleep
  • Manages weight as well as detoxifies your body
  • You have more “you time”

You can of course go to a professional, but the most effective way to take advantage of these benefits is to do some self massage. You can use self massage tools, foam rollers, and other techniques to help you right after you’ve cooled down and your muscles are still warm.

Taking proper steps after working out helps in improving your muscles to recover and for your overall flexibility.